Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tony's Week Three: Purging

Three weeks of doing something awesome and still no Nobel Peace Prize. Sigh. Perhaps, this week's awesomeness will finally win me the gold! (I assume Nobel Prizes come with gold.) This week, ... I cleaned!

Really thoroughly!

Yeah, so it sounds less than awesome, but let me explain. In a short few months, I will be leaving behind my current life for one in the Big City. And as part of my ongoing preparation, both mentally and physically, for the life change, I decided it was time to part ways with worldly possessions that I'd been keeping around just for keeps sake. All in all, I donated a box of clothes to a Mission, sold 50 DVDs/CDs for some considerable spending money, trashed several odds and ends I'd been collecting from stocking stuffers over the years, and most importantly took stock of what I need and what I have for my move to the Big City.

I should also mention that, though on the outside this may have looked like a series of not-so-awesome chores, for me it was a nostalgic journey of past experiences and a sad parting with old mentalities. Also, I've got a totally empty shelf now!

I'd also accept a Pulitzer.

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