Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tony's Week One: Go Open Source.

I began Week One of the Do Something Awesome Project with something that I've wanted to implement for over a year now. With my current laptop on the precipice of failure, and no tangible monetary means of satisfying my technological needs, I've also had no further excuse to procrastinate. So, I requested my brother ship an old desktop of his to me in Tennessee. About 7 hours of set up after its arrival, and I have my very first fully open-source/recycled computer. I purchased none of the physical components of the computer; they were all rescued from collecting dust behind soccer cleats in the back of my brother's closet or found for free on Craig's List.

Windows Vista was wiped for my new, snazzy Ubuntu OS; my first foray with a Linux operating system. Furthermore, I've made a concerted effort to keep away from any non-open source programs. So, I listen with Foobar, browse with Firefox, word process with OpenOffice, and GTD with google. I'll never pay for my computing needs again .... that is, until I can afford a Mac.

Next week my awesome thing is to tape the bridge of my glasses back together. Cause, cause I'm a nerd. And it's AWESOME.

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